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February 21, 2014 1 Comment

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new SNYPEX  Knight ED binoculars!  They are perfect for birdwatching, hiking, biking, boating, hunting, and pretty much any outdoor activity.  Perfect compact size for traveling, safaris, and anywhere on the go.  

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Stay tuned for the upcoming release of our SNYPEX Knight ED-APO Spotting Scope and Digiscope.  


See you soon!  




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March 15, 2015

Thanks Kate, The birds here like a helping hand duirng the winter.All the birds I have seen feeding here are plump and healthy looking.The one robin I saw who appeared one day was raggedy looking.The winter was taking its toll on him.I hope that Spring and Summer brings different birds as well as the usual visitors.I enjoy the garden as a meeting point between me and the wildlife.A neutral zone! Hey Jaws, its addictive watching birds once you start.You’ll go out and buy a little book to identify them and then binoculars to see them better.What better thing to do after a long day then to chill with the birds? Make Edies collar noisy with a bell! The birds need a paving slab or a stone to use as an anvil to break open the snail shells.My pavers and soil show signs of the anvil usage! Snails are finding it hard in my bird patrolled garden!

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