Snypex Digiscoping Universal Cell Phone Adapter Mount X-Wing All In One

SNYPEX Universal SmartPhone X-Wing Was Awarded Best All In One Digiscoping Adapter 


Can Be Used With Just About Any Brand Smartphone Attached to any Brand Binoculars, spotting Scopes , Telescopes, Microscopes and Digiscoping  

-Universal smartphone adapter fits any smartphone, including Samsung Galaxy S5 & S6, S7 and S8, iPhone 6, 6 &  7 PLUS and  8 . Note 3, LG3, Sony Xperia, HTC

-Enables you to capture photo and video using your binoculars, spotting scope, digiscope, or telescope as a telephoto lens

-X-Wing comes with SNY-EPT1 Universal Eyepiece Connecting Tube (UPC 854725004214) and soft case (UPC 854725004245)


X-Wing SPA1 (SKU) Adapter

(UPC 854725004221)

-Height:  2.36 Inches, Width: 4.33 Inches, Depth:  6.69 Inches, Gross Weight:  14 oz, Net Weight:  6.17oz

-Fits Smartphone with a  width of 2.16 ~ 3.46 in (screen 3"~6"), Thickness: 0.19~0.59 in


Soft Case:


(UPC 854725004245)

-Height: 2.55 Inches, Width: 4.52 Inches, Depth 7.08 Inches, 2.46 Ounces, 2.46 Ounces

Connecting Tube: 

SNY-EPT1 (SKU) Eyepiece Adapter

(UPC 854725004214)

Fitting Requirement: Eyepiece Outer Diameter: 0.30~0.60mm

Height:  2.36 In, Width: 2.87 Inches, Depth: .02 Inches, Gross Weight:  0.22 lbs, Net Weight: 0.22 lbs

Eyepiece Eye Relief: 5~28 mm

Optional Eyepiece Tube for digiscoping:    SNY-EPT2 (SKU) Snypex Eyepiece Tube

(UPC 854725004238) (sold separately)

-Height:  1.43 Inches, Width 2.50 Inches, Depth: .02 Inches, Gross Weight:  0.16 lbs, Net Weight: 0.16 Pounds

 2 YEAR WORLDWIDE WARRANTY - Universal Smartphone adapter 


Main X-Wing Body
Colored black (see parts diagram below), the main body section of the X-Wing adapter is made from what looks to me to be a hard polycarbonate material.

The aluminium X-Wing Panel that you use to fix your phone to then attaches to this body using a high quality machined aluminium Blue Alignment Knob.

Whilst it is not the lightest universal smartphone adapter that I have used, it does look and feel far more rugged and better made than much of it’s competition that are usually have far more plastic parts.


X-Wing Main Parts Diagram 

Attaching & Aligning your Phone
When you first read the instructions on how to attach the phone to the adapter, it looks to be a little complicated, but in reality it is really straightforward and basically all you have to do is screw the 4 Rubber Posts into the correct Positioning Threads for your size of phone, so that they keep it securely locked in place when pushed down onto the X-Wing Panel.


Phones with Side Mounted Power Buttons
The customizable placing and small contact points of these four Rubber Posts is one aspect of the Snypex X-Wing SPA1 Adapter that I really like and appreciate when compared to some of the other fixing methods I have used in the past.

I say this because my phone, like many has it’s on/off and volume control buttons on the side of the phone, which often get in the way of the fixing apparatus, which leads to your phone being switched off every time you try and mount it. With the Rubber Posts on this device, you can simply play about with which Positioning Threads you use to ensure that they miss the buttons on the phone. Genius!


The X-Wing comes included with the Snypex Universal Eyepiece Tube (SNY-EPT1) (image right) and if you need, you can also get another tube designed to work specifically with the Snypex Digiscope.

I really like this arrangement as it firstly makes it easier to fit to your eyepiece as you do it before attaching the rest of the adapter.

Secondly it is then far easier to change the orientation of your camera from landscape photography to portrait by simply loosing the Axial Locking Knob and turning adapter around the eyepiece tube. With other adapters you have to loosen the grip on the eye-piece, which usually means that you have to the re-adjust the adapter to the correct eye-relief again so as to get the full field of view, which at times can be a little tricky to do, so is not something you want to have to do too often.

The Snypex X-Wing Adapter is designed to accept any smartphone with a screen size from 3 to 6inches (phone width of 2.16 to 3.46inches) and with a thickness of between 0.19 and 0.59 inches, which should cover most conventional modern phones

Spotting Scopes and Binoculars

The universal tube (SNY-EPT1) with it’s clamping screws that forms part of the X-Wing is designed to accept eyepieces with a diameter of between 30 and 60m, with a minimum eye-relief of 4.5mm, which once again should easily encompass most binoculars and scopes.

I had no problems at all setting up the X-Wing on any scope, however I did find a problem one some binoculars that have a focus wheel positioned very close to the eyepiece as this made it hard to fit the adapter so that it lined up centrally with the ocular lens.


Using the Snypex X-Wing Universal Adapter
Once I had my phone positioned securely in the X-Wing panel and the Universal tube fixed to the eye-piece of the scope at the right distance and lined up with the eyepiece, using it to take photos was really simple.

Portrait & Landscape
Changing the orientation of the shot is also really simple as all you have to do is loosen the "Axial Locking Knob" located on the top of the X-Wing, which frees up the Universal tube enabling you to rotate it about the eyepiece. Then when you have decided on the framing, you just tighten it again.

This is a far better solution than on some adapters where you have to loosen the grip of the adapter from the eye-piece to turn it because you then also have to make sure you do not change the eye-relief.

Size & Quality of Optics
As with all photography and indeed optics in general, the better the quality of the optics you use, the better the quality of image you can produce.

Thus if you want to take better quality images you are far better off by firstly using a larger scope or binocular that can capture more light.

Then those with better quality glass and coatings will not only transfer more light through the device, but the image that exits the eyepiece will be of a better quality (with less distortions) as well.


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  Snypex Digiscoping Universal SmartPhone X-Wing All In One Adapter

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