"SNYPEX Binoculars: Crime-Fighting Eyes For Cops!"

March 18, 2014


"SNYPEX Binoculars-Crime Fighting Eyes for Cops!"

  Lt. Blaine Hall,  patrol Lieutenant and SWAT Team Leader for a Colorado Police Department  reviewed and tested the  SNYPEX Knight ED 10X50 binocular.

“From a police and SWAT officer’s point of view the Snypex Knight ED binoculars are superior in their performance.  This is especially true in low light operations.  I would highly recommend this product to any officer or law enforcement agency…  Lt. Blaine Hall”


Date:   March 10, 2014

Reviewer:  Lt. Blaine Hall, Colorado Police Department.

I was first introduced to the Snypex Knight ED 10x50 binoculars at the 2014 Shot Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. I met the owner of the company Sam Shaheen through a mutual friend, Gary Paul Johnston, a law enforcement and firearms writer.  Mr. Shaheen asked me to test his product and give an opinion from a law enforcement perspective. 

The Snypex Knight ED 10x50 is a rubber coated binocular that is advertised as both waterproof and fog proof. The Knight ED comes in a nylon zipper hard case that is compact and provides good protection for the binoculars when not in use.  The binoculars measured approximately 5.75 inches from lens objective to eyepiece and were approximately 5.75 inches at the lens objective, its widest point.   Rubber lens caps are provided for both the objective lens and eyepiece. The product comes with a neck strap and neck strap eyelets. A large focus adjustment knob is located on the central shaft and easily operated with one hand, and while wearing gloves. A diopter adjustment ring is located on the right eyepiece. Instructions come with the product that clearly describes the functionality.

The testing environment consisted primarily of cold weather conditions with temperatures in the low teens at night and low thirties during the day. The binoculars were tested in sunny, overcast, snow, and rain conditions. They were tested during the day and at night in a law enforcement setting.  

I found the Snypex Knight ED 10x50 to have a solid grip surface due to its armored rubberized coating.  The neck strap had an enlarged padded center which made the binoculars comfortable to wear. The binoculars were compact in design but not overly different from the Meopta and Nikon 10x50’s I tested with the Snypex Knight ED. Once I put the strap on the binoculars and removed the rubber protectors on the eyepiece and lens objective, I was quickly able to adjust the binoculars to my eyes.  I immediately noticed the sharp image the Snypex Knight Ed produced.  The clarity of the glass was outstanding.  During sunny conditions there was a slight but noticeable difference in positive clarity with the Snypex Knight ED binoculars compared to the Meopta binoculars. When compared to the Nikon binoculars, the Snypex binoculars were much clearer. 

While I was impressed with the Snypex Knight in sunny conditions, these binoculars outclassed the Meopta and Nikon binoculars in low light, overcast, and night time conditions. I was amazed at the optical clarity and light gathering properties of these binoculars in those conditions.  I used these binoculars at night in an urban environment in comparison with the Meopta and Nikon binoculars.  I aimed the binoculars at a dark location approximately 200 yards away.  An orange street light was approximately 50 yards in front of the location I was observing.  In looking through the Meopta binoculars, I found the street light gave off a star burst effect which obscured the image beyond the street light. There was not a star burst effect when using the Nikon binoculars; however, the image beyond the street light was black. Then I used the Snypex Knight.  Again, I immediately noticed the sharper image, but I was amazed at what I could see beyond the street light. First, I did not notice a star burst effect given off by the street light.  Secondly, I was able to make out the house beyond the street light, and a fence running up the side of a hill beyond the house. Now this is not to say these binoculars are comparable to night vision; however, they are superior in their clarity and light gathering properties compared to other binoculars I tested. 

Next, I tested these binoculars on an overcast and rainy day at the firing range. From the 50 yard line, I sighted in a patrol rifle and could easily see my bullet impact points on the target.  The superior optical clarity in these conditions was excellent and immediately noticeable compared to other binoculars I tested.  The Snypex binoculars also got wet due to the rain; but after a week, I haven’t noticed any fogging due to a compromise in the binoculars integrity.

Finally, I used the Snypex Knight indoors to test the advertised 1.5 meter close focus capabilities.  I used the binoculars in my office with the lights off and the door open.  Ambient light from the main office filtered into my office creating low light conditions.  Using the binoculars from four feet away, I adjusted the focus and could clearly read the titles of the binders located on my bookshelf.  I stepped out of my office into the main area; which was still lighted and could still read the binder titles on my bookshelf after focusing the binoculars. I was unable to focus the Meopta or Nikon binoculars to that close of a distance.  

Now I thought this capability was pretty neat, but I had a hard time understanding why I would need to see the detail of objects four feet in front of me with a set of binoculars. I later spoke to Sam Shaheen, the owner of Snypex.  I was informed the binoculars were also designed for individuals who engage in birds, butterflies, dragonflies, wildflowers, insects and other subjects at extremely close range. Having those activities in mind, the close focus distance of these binoculars would serve that activity well. This is an added benefit of the Snypex Knight ED from my perspective.  

From a law enforcement officer’s perspective, there are multiple uses for the Snypex Knight ED binoculars. These binoculars work great during surveillance and tactical operations.  Identification is a critical component in law enforcement operations and these binoculars; especially in low light conditions, give the officer an advantage compared to the other binoculars I tested .

Furthermore; these binoculars work great while on patrol at night when attempting to observe dark areas and when looking for movement. I would highly recommend these binoculars as a law enforcement tool to any agency.

From a sportsman’s perspective, I plan on using these binoculars this fall for hunting. Like the other binoculars I tested, they are light weight and compact. The Snypex Knight ED will be superior in aiding to find animals especially during sunrise and sunset when most animals are active. 

Your reviewer is currently a patrol lieutenant and SWAT Team Leader for a Colorado Police Department. I’ve served as a law enforcement officer for 17 years, working as a patrol officer, investigator, and supervisor. I’ve also served 11 years on the agency’s SWAT Team as an operator, sniper, entry team leader, and now as the vice commander of the team. 


“The Snypex Knight ED binoculars work great in law enforcement surveillance and tactical operations.  The light gathering capabilities of these binoculars is outstanding.  They are rugged and compact; perfect for use in law enforcement… Lt. Blaine Hall”


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