SNYPEX DIGISCOPING UNIVERSAL SMARTPHONE X-WING ADAPTER SNYPEX UNIVERSAL SMARTPHONE X-WING WAS AWARDED BEST ALL IN ONE DIGISCOPING ADAPTER CAN BE USED WITH JUST ABOUT ANY BRAND SMARTPHONE ATTACHED TO ANY BRAND BINOCULARS, SPOTTING SCOPES , TELESCOPES, MICROSCOPES AND DIGISCOPING . Universal smartphone adapter fits any smartphone, including Samsung Galaxy S5 & S6, S7 and S8, iPhone 6, 6 & 7 PLUS and 8 . Note 3, LG3, Sony Xperia, HTC -Enables you to capture photo and video using your binoculars, spotting scope, digiscope, or telescope as a telephoto lens -X-Wing comes with SNY-EPT1 Universal Eyepiece Connecting Tube (UPC 854725004214) and soft case (UPC 854725004245) 2 YEAR WORLDWIDE WARRANTY X-Wing SPA1 (SKU) Adapter (UPC 854725004221) -Height: 2.36 Inches, Width: 4.33 Inches, Depth: 6.69 Inches, Gross Weight: 14 oz, Net Weight: 6.17oz -Fits Smartphone with a width of 2.16 ~ 3.46 in (screen 3"~6"), Thickness: 0.19~0.59 in 2 YEAR WORLDWIDE WARRANTY

SMARTPHONE ADAPTER Soft Case: SNY-XWC (SKU) (UPC 854725004245) -Height: 2.55 Inches, Width: 4.52 Inches, Depth 7.08 Inches, 2.46 Ounces, 2.46 Ounces Connecting Tube: SNY-EPT1 (SKU) Eyepiece Adapter (UPC 854725004214) Fitting Requirement: Eyepiece Outer Diameter: 0.30~0.60mm Height: 2.36 In, Width: 2.87 Inches, Depth: .02 Inches, Gross Weight: 0.22 lbs, Net Weight: 0.22 lbs Eyepiece Eye Relief: 5~28 mm Optional Eyepiece Tube for digiscoping: SNY-EPT2 (SKU) Snypex Eyepiece Tube (UPC 854725004238) (sold separately) -Height: 1.43 Inches, Width 2.50 Inches, Depth: .02 Inches, Gross Weight: 0.16 lbs, Net Weight: 0.16 Pounds 2 YEAR WORLDWIDE WARRANTY - Universal Smartphone adapter Main X-Wing Body Colored black (see parts diagram below), the main body section of the X-Wing adapter is made from what looks to me to be a hard polycarbonate material. The aluminium X-Wing Panel that you use to fix your phone to then attaches to this body using a high quality machined aluminium Blue Alignment Knob. Whilst it is not the lightest universal smartphone adapter that I have used, it does look and feel far more rugged and better made than much of it’s competition that are usually have far more plastic parts.