Snypex Knight T80 ED-APO 20-60x80 Straight-Viewing SpottingScope‎

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SNYPEX Knight - T80mm - ED - APO (20-60x80) SPOTTINGSCOPE

  Features like a large 80mm triple element APO lens with ED glass, fully multi-coated optics protected by a fully sealed body that is filled with nitrogen gas to prevent misting up of the internal glass surfaces ensure that this Snypex scope has all the pieces in place to potentially deliver a bright and high resolution view to please even the most experienced users.

To see if all these high end components and features would come together and deliver on the promise.

The Snypex Knight T80mm ED-APO (20-60x80) Spotting Scope has a straight body type that includes a zoom eyepiece offering a generous multi-step eye relief system of 25-16mm with 20x to 60x power.
This spotting scope features dual speed focusing. It comes equipped with a 1:10 dual speed fine-focus.
The body design is comfortable, functional, and can be rotated when mounted on a tripod.
The Snypex Knight T80mm EDAPO (20-60x80mm) Spotting Scope uses precision-crafted ED (extra-low dispersion) and APO (apochromatic) glass. The result is true-to-life images with startling clarity and color accuracy. Fully multilayered, anti-reflective coatings are used on all lenses and prisms to provide excellent brightness along with flare-free viewing. O-ring sealed and nitrogen-filled provides waterproof and fog proof performance in all weather conditions. The Snypex Knight T80mm ED-APO comes with a portable and convenient to carry soft bag.    


  Type: Straight eyepiece  Objective Diameter: 80mm Glass: Extra Low Dispersion (ED) Focusing System: Dual Speed Focusing 1:10 Fine Focus  Anti-reflective Coating: FMC (Fully Multi-Coated)  Near Focus: 24ft Eyepiece: SNY0824Z-A Field of View (degrees) : 20 x ~ 60 x Dew shield/sun: Yes Comes in a soft carry bag Dimension: 465x157x131mm  Eye Relief (mm): 25~16 Field of View at 1000yds: 78.5ft ~ 57.6ft @ 1000yd Field of View (degrees): 1.5° ~ 1.1° Interchangeable Eyepiece: yes Waterproof: yes (Waterproof (Nitrogen Filled) Weight: 2.083kg (eyepiece included)   Main Feature & Specifications

Straight Through Body Shape
80mm Objective Lens
APO Lens with ED Glass Elements
Water & Fog Proof
Twin Speed Wheel
Fully Multi-Coated Optics
Eye Relief: 16mm - 25mm
Supplied 20-60x Interchangeable Eyepiece
Field of View at 1000yds: 78.5ft - 57.6ft
Weight: 2083g
  The Optics
Objective Lens
The name of this scope gives us quite a lot of information regarding the make-up of the lens used on this instrument:

The APO in the title indicates that this scope has an Apochromatic lens design, which is a little bit special. You see most scopes will have achromatic lenses that only use two elements made of different types of glass with unique properties that when designed well will correctly focus two wavelengths of light at the same point after the lens.
  An APO lens consists of three elements and can thus correctly focus three wavelengths of light (usually red, green & blue) onto the same plane.

Thus assuming it has been designed well, an APO lens does a better job of reducing both chromatic aberrations and spherical aberrations than the best achromatic lenses are able to. The main reason not all scope use this design of lens is because technically they are far more difficult to make and thus cost more. The extra element also makes the lens heavier, which for some uses may not be ideal.

At least one of the lens elements in this APO lens is made from ED (Extra Low Dispersion) Glass, the properties of this glass is such that it is possible for the wavelengths of light to be better directed in a desired direction and thus you have the potential to better focus them onto a single plane after leaving the lens and thus compliments the APO lens design by helping reduce aberrations. The result is a higher resolution image with less color fringing.
  Optical Coatings
Fully Multi-Coated
The Snypex Knight T80 Spotting Scope is advertised as being Fully Multi-Coated, which is great news as it implies to us that all glass surfaces through the whole optical system have been coated with multiple layers of an anti-reflective coating.
  Water & Fog Proof
Snypex Optics describe this scope's body as being both water proof and mention that it has been filled with nitrogen, which will help to prevent any of the internal glass from fogging.

Remember a fully sealed scope is not only a benefit in wet weather, but in dry conditions as well as it makes it impossible for dust to get inside the system.

The machined metal focus knobs are for me one of the real highlights on the Snypex Knight Spotting Scope and quite unlike the majority of others out there.

Placed on the right hand side of the body near the eyepiece, you make large adjustments to the focusing plane by turning the the blue dial. Fine (1:10) adjustments are then made by turning the smaller black dial positioned at it's center.

The action of both is as smooth as silk and really are a pleasure to use.
  The location of the focus knobs on the side does make it a problem should you prefer to change focus with your left hand. If this is a major problem for you, you could always loosen the collar and rotate the scope around 180° and effectively use the scope upside down, so that now the focus wheels are on the left hand side. The only minor issue with this "solution" is that it looks slightly odd, but in terms of function, it works perfectly fine.     The Body Shape: This 80mm Snypex Spotting Scope has a straight through body shape, which basically means that the view you take through the eyepiece is parallel with the objective lens and not at an angle as you get with many scopes.

As with most things in optics neither choice is simply better than the other as both body shapes have their unique advantages over each other, which you can read more about in this article on Angled or Straight Spotting Scopes and the right one for you boils down to how you prefer to use your scope and to some degree what if any size of tripod you may already have.
    Awarded Best Straight Spotting Scopes Snypex Knight T80 ED-APO 20-60x80 
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