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March 14, 2017



   SNYPEX OPTICS thank all our visitors, new and old customers who visited us at L.I.GUN & KNIFE show.



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November 05, 2016


Awards: Best Wildlife/Hunting Binocular 2016 : SNYPEX Knight D-ED 8x42 Binoculars

Snypex Knight D-ED 8x42 Binoculars

'New and improved' that is how Snypex highlight their latest version of the Knight ED binoculars, which was developed and improved in response to customer as well as BBR's feedback.

Major changes include upgraded dielectric coatings on the prisms to improve light transmission and thus the brightness and image quality as well as changes to the exterior like a full metal focus wheel that not only works better but brings added class to what was already a great pair of binoculars.

Price: (5/6) High Value Binoculars

BBR Ratings:

Body Quality:




Body Stats:


Optical Quality:


Optical Stats:


Image Quality


Extras & Details:


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#BBRawards Winner Announcement: Best Spotting Scope 2016/17 goes to the Snypex Knight T80 ED APO Scope

Annual Binocular Awards 2016/17 | Best Binoculars 2016-17

Snypex Knight T80 ED APO Spotting Scope


“The undoubted highlight for me is the very high quality optics used and the resultant image that it produces, that is quite easily on a par with anything that I have used in the past and in my opinion up there with some of the best.” By: Jason Whitehead Founder of http://www.bestspottingscopereviews.com/


Highlights Included

· Large 80mm APO Lens with ED Glass Elements

· Fully Multi-Coated Optics

· Supplied 20-60x Interchangeable Eyepiece

· One of the best two speed, all metal focus wheels that I have ever used

· Water & Fog Proof

please read the full review below :



August 09, 2016


August 09, 2016


August 05, 2016


Snypex Is Proud To Announce Its Product Launch on B&H Video!

Effective immediately, you can now buy Snypex products 

at B&H Photo-Video in Manhattan!  



www.snypex.com, but also at B&H Photo & Video in Manhattan! B&H is

located at 420 9th Avenue on the corner of West 34th Street in New York City. 


B&H PHoto & Video



July 27, 2016


Excellent Review of SNYPEX 10x42 Knight D-ED Binocular by Bad to the bone outdoors.

  SNYPEX 10x42 D-ED Binocular Review by: Bad to the bone outdoors


Snypex Binocular Review
10x42 APO Binos (Prototype)
MSRP $ 679


This  Company is out of New York.
Sam, the Owner Was Very helpful with getting the Binos out for us to test.As With all tests and Reviews We had some Product That was Slow to get to us.We were hoping for a couple of the other Brands that are on the way to make it by the time I wrote this.
I test Some of the Best optics In the world and Usually have The Top Brands On hand.
I Think of the Swarovski El 10x42 Swarovision as My Reference Piece.They are the Ones Everyone Is Chasing.
Sam ,Has Informed me that these new Binos Are APO Glass and It shows in the testing of them. They are Definitely An Upgrade over Previous Binos form This Same Company.Not that the Previous ones were not a good product.They have Stepped up their Game with these.They are very Pleasing to the eye and had Very Very  good Low Light Performance.We Do A Ton Of hunting and Took Them with us On a Couple of our Spring Bear Hunts.As I usually Do I Passed them Around for All Of Our Hunting buddies to look Through.I got A lot of " Never heard of Them".I assured them they were a Quality Product.Everyone that looked through them was Impressed.We Had Quite a Few other Brands with Us and the Snypex Stacked Up Well against Brands Like Steiner,Leupold,Opticron,Minox,Styrka,Swarovski,Yes you read That right Swarovski.

Now The Snypex is Not Quite on par With the Swarovkis yet .They are getting very Close.They offer A very good Ability to Resolve Small Details and The APO Glass Has Helped with Chromatic Aberration .They have Good Resolution and Contrast.While I am Not A Birder,These would appeal to them as well. They tend to be much more critical of optics than the average hunter.But Hunters are much Harder on Equipment.

For our test We Did our Hot Tub Test which is set at a Comfy 102 Degrees.We Soak them for Between 15-20 Minutes at a Little less than 3 feet deep.After the hot tub Comes the Freezer test.I put them in for about 2 hours and then run them through all of the tests again. We Cycle them though focusing ,Diopter adjustments ,Rotating Eye Cups in and out and these performed flawlessly.They are very at home in Hostile environments and would make a hunter Quite a good Friend in the Field.
We Are Very Critical of How Our Optics Perform in the field and Would not Hesitate to take these on Any Hunts we do.

We Test in the Field,They Get Dirty,Wet,Sometimes Dropped,And  Much Like A Timex Watch " They Took a Licking,And Kept on Ticking"
For more Information Head On over To   www.snypex.com Or Call Sam At  1 855-2-SNYPEX

   @ snypexoptics




My Top 5 Reasons to Bird

snypex knight ED Binoculars                                              www.snypex.com

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My Top 5 Reasons to Bird

By Kate Landsdorf

When one considers taking up a new hobby, he or she may consider the pros and cons that go along with lifestyle preferences. As I experiment with my new snypex Knight ED 8x42 Binoculars, I ponder what are my top 5 reasons to bird?

1.I Can Start Right Where I Am
I am currently taking a yoga teacher training to deepen my practice and empower myself to develop sustainable healthy habits, fully experience deep and meaningful relationship with myself and others, and access my spiritual potential. As I face physical and emotional challenges, I’ve been learning how important it is for my growth to start where I am, and grow from there. It all starts with accepting and loving myself. Birding vibes with this understanding because it is nourishing, and I can start right now with what I’ve got.

2.Room For Growth
Not only is birding easy to start right now, it also offers great depth. Birding is an intense hobby and industry with global reach. There is so much to learn. Whether I want to have a garden, teach children, or take pictures, there is an abundance of information connected to birds that can enhance these experiences.

3.Environmentally Conscious
I can kill 2 birds with one stone, so to speak. Anyone who knows me, knows how dear social justice issues are to me. As I’m out in the field interviewing people, researching communities, and observing environmental injustices, I am also able to get some birding in. When I document through various media, I can indulge multiple streams of interest.

4.Another Reason to Connect With Nature
My passions include urban agriculture and horticultural therapy, and I see birding as a natural extension of that vibe. Could you imagine an educational, rehabilitative, or prison program that involved growing healthy foods and appreciating birds? Could you imagine how that could positively impact someone’s mental and physical health? ::inner smile::

5.Global Travel
In my quest for world domination, err I mean exploration; I always have an opportunity to stretch my birding skills. Whether on a layover, in the forest, or on a hammock, birding is always at my fingertips. It can be as big as the reason I decide to jet, or a bonus that makes travel just a little more enjoyable.

What reasons did you take up birding, or any hobby for that matter?

Snypex Sponsors Douds and Sanchez about causes close to their hearts: juvenile diabetes and childhood obesity

SNYPEX OPTICS is proud to announce our sponsorship of endurance athlete Erik Douds and his running partner James Sanchez. The two are competing in the Copenhagen Marathon on May 22nd to raise awareness about causes close to their hearts: juvenile diabetes and childhood obesity. Learn more of their story and other sponsorship opportunities at www.erikdouds.com



    @ snypexoptics


April 17, 2016


Birding versus Birdwatching

Birding versus Birdwatching
By Kate Landsdorf

With my new Snypex Knight ED 8x42 Binoculars on hand, I am eager to call myself a birdwatcher... Or is it birder?

I hadn't given too much thought to the two similar sounding activities, birdwatching and birding,until I thought of posting pictures using my new gear and sharing the fruits of my labor. This confusion led me to google articles for context and meaning. I mean – what would I call myself?

As many people today use the terms synonymously, I researched what the difference was between birding and birdwatching. (Thank you about.com) Apparently, the term birdwatching came into use first, in 1901, while the term birding made its debut in 1918 - which is pretty close in time. But the hobby world considers the term birding to be more passionate and inclusive of more skills and resources. While birdwatching is casual and for everyone, people who consider themselves birders take things a step further. They may incorporate their auditory skills, spend significantly more time and money planning trips and on securing high quality equipment, and generally value and take great pride in the hobby.

Although the terms birdwatcher and birder are similar, the information I found sounds a bit like the difference between a casual vs. a committed relationship. As I explore the world of birds, I suppose I am starting as a birdwatcher. But maybe it will develop into something more.

Are you a birdwatcher or a birder? What does that mean to you?






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