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February 17, 2015 1 Comment

Want to try out Snypex optical products in person?

If you are shopping for a new pair of binoculars in NYC, you can get to know our products personally by trying them out at B&H Photo Video in Manhattan. B&H just happens to carry ALL of our products! 


From our new Profinder HD Binocular Series

To Spotting Scopes and Digiscopes



From The Infinio Focus Free Binocular Series

To the Snypex Knight ED Binocular Series


Not to mention a wide array of Snypex digiscope adapters, adapter tubes, and tripod adapters!


Stop by B&H to pick out the perfect binocular and binocular accessory today!

B&H Photo Video, 420 9th Avenue, on the corner of West 34th street, New York City, NY 10011

Phone: 1 (800) 221-5743  or 1 (800) 606 6969

Link to Snypex on B&H

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March 17, 2015

Hi Mike, I am wondering if you can help me iftneidy a bird I have spotted in my house paddock. I live in the South West of Western Australia on ten acres of land and yesterday spotted fro the first time a bird that looks very much like the photo you have on the choosing the right binoculars page.It’s only a little bird. Slightly bigger tehn a willie wagtail.It has a bright yellow chest that extends to a yellow band at the base of it’s neck. Instead of the colour patches on face throat and belly being broken by a bar of black the colour patches extend right across the midline of the bird. It is late winter here and birds are putting on their spring dances so I think it is in full mating colours.The photo of the bird on the mossy branch on your website is the closest I have come to being able to find a match and I would vbery much appreciate knowing what the little creature is because it is so beautiful.Thank you for your helpKind regardsDonna

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