SNYPEX Knight ED 10x50 Binoculars Rated EXCELLENT by BBR

SNYPEX Knight ED 10x50 Binocular Review
by Best Binocular Review (BBR)
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Strong Points

The standout feature for the SNYPEX Knight ED 10X50 binoculars is the large 50mm objective lenses that gather plenty of light, but what is really impressive is that Snypex Optics have managed to pack these into a body that really is not that much bigger or heavier than most 42mm binoculars.

Like the other Snypex Knight ED's that I have used, I thought that their general build quality is very high, which compliments the use of quality materials and components, translating to that nice feeling that you get when you have a pair of quality optics in your hands.

Snypex has included some top end optical components and coatings which, combined with their large lenses, translates to a bright as well as high quality image that is on par with any within this price range.

Their close minimum focus distance and massive 20mm of eye relief are both excellent.

I really like the semi-rigid carrying case that comes with these optics; not only are they quite different from the crowd, but they look great and perform well.

Near Focus

At only 4.9ft, the minimum close focus advertised by Snypex Optics is exceptional and way less than the 6ft mark that I consider to be excellent, which, for those who view things like butterflies, other insects, flowers and even birds from close range, is great news.

However, what is even more impressive is that on the pair I was testing, I measured the close focus to an even nearer distance of only 0.92m (3ft)!


The 20mm eye-relief is excellent and ranks them up there with the best, which you can see on my page containing long eye-relief binoculars - very important for those who wear glasses.

Overall - If you are looking for a high quality bin with a 10x magnificatiobut don't want to sacrifice low light performance compared to an 8x42, then I would highly recommend that you take a look at these Snypex 10x50 Knight ED binoculars.

Ideal Uses: These will be perfect in any situation where you require a little more power or image detail than an 8x bin can offer, and where image brightness, as well as clarity, are really important.

Most wildlife observation uses including hunting, where you can often find yourself in poor light very early in the morning, late in the afternoon, orin the evening. Other scenarios would include woodland, forests and jungles, where available light is often very bad. However, if you are going to be viewing wildlife or birds at closer ranges you may also want to consider reducing the power with the 8x50 Knight ED, as that increases the field of view, making it easier to spot and follow your quarry, especially at closer ranges.

Those who do a lot of bird watching in wide open areas or longer distances such as on the coast, on the shores of a river, or open fields will also appreciate the higher power and better image detail that these can offer. Their superior low light performance over the same quality 10x42's can be very important in enabling you to get the best view possible at any time of day.

sam shaheen
sam shaheen


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