September 22, 2018

  • Snypex Knight D-ED 10x32 Binoculars

Accessories for the Snypex Knight D-ED 10x32 Binoculars

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These high performance, mid-size Snypex binoculars offer the user greater image detail at longer ranges and are an ideal instrument for travel, safaris, hunting and general nature and wildlife observation.

Top specification optical components include APO lenses with ED glass elements, Bak-4 Dach roof prisms with phase correction and dielectric coatings that ensure the best possible views... 

Price:  (4/6) Mid-High Value Binoculars
BBR Ratings:
Body Quality: 8/10 83%
Body Stats: 8/10
Optical Quality: 9/10
Optical Stats: 8/10
Image Quality 9/10
Extras & Details: 8/10

Whilst busy planning for an upcoming trip that will include a safari in South Africa, my thoughts inevitably turned to which pair of binoculars that I was going to take with me.

In this regard, I guess that I am in the fortunate position of being able to pick and choose based on a number of instruments that I am currently testing and writing reviews for and added to that, my experiences with others I have reviewed in the past. However, my thought process and the ultimate decision that I make is really not that much different than if I was browsing the internet deciding which instrument is best for my particular needs.

For an in-depth look on how I put together my shortlist, take a look at my articles on choosing the   best binoculars for safaris & travel  and   how to choose between binoculars, but suffice it to say, I narrowed my selection down to mid-sized binoculars with a 10x magnification.

Then taking from my prior and generally very posetive experiences with the Snypex Knight D-ED range, firstly the   8x42  and then the   8x32models, I was fairly certain that not only would the build quality and the view thought the 10x32 model be equally as good, but looking at their specifications, this model offered pretty much what I was after.

Snypex Knight D-ED 10x32 Binocular Review

As I have already written an   in-depth review of the 8x32 version, to save repeating myself, in this review I will mainly be focusing on the differences between the models and the particular aspects of this model that are unique, its strengths, weaknesses and anything else which sets it apart from the other models in the series.

Specs & Features at a Glance:

  • Mid-High Value Bins -   approx $550 / £600
  • Body
    • Open Bridge Design
    • Dimensions: 4.25in (10.8cm) x 4.64in (11.8cm)
    • Weight 13.4ozs (380g)
    • Fully Sealed & Nitrogen Filled Chassis
    • Material: Fiberglass reinforced Polycarbonate
    • Aluminium Focus Wheel
  • Optics
    • Fully Multi-Coated
    • 32mm APO Objective Lenses
    • ED Lens Elements
    • BaK-4 Roof Prisms
    • Phase Corrected
    • Dielectric Coated
  • Optical Stats
    • Field of View: 288ft at 1000yds
    • Min Focus Distance: 3.92ft
    • Eye Relief: 17.5mm
  • Comparisons
  • Conclusions

Snypex Knight D-ED Binoculars
Before I dive into the 10x32 Snypex Knight D-ED review, I thought it would be of use to quickly expand on the series as a whole, especially as I will be referring to the other models quite frequently on this page.

Initially, when Snypex Optics first started, they released their Knight ED series, which at the time was their flagship range. I reviewed a number of these models including the outstanding   Knight ED 8x42  and the   10x32 Knight ED, which went on to win the award for the Best Safari & Travel Binocular in 2014.

Then after further research and by listening carefully to the feedback that they received back from their customers and from the optics industry (including my comments here on BBR), Snypex decided to improve on this series and thus the Knight   D-ED was born.

With features like aluminium focus wheels instead of plastic ones and the addition of   Dielectric mirror coatings instead of silver one, this new flagship series has a number of improvements on the standard ED's and took what was already an excellent binocular to a whole new level.

Strong Points:  
Build quality and the materials are superb and I really do like the good attention to detail, for example, the aluminum focus wheel, ratchet diopter adjuster and excellent quality carry case.

The level of optical components and the coatings used is up there with the very best and which most certainly plays a major role in the superior image quality that these deliver. In this regard, they are up there with the best 10x32mm binoculars that I have tested.

These Snypex binoculars are both lightweight and compact, even when compared to other 32mm instruments, which is something that I really do feel is worth emphasizing, especially if you are buying these for a travel or because you want a more lightweight, easy to carry instrument.

The minimum focus distance is outstanding.

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