SNYPEX LLC, an American owned Tactical and Sport Optics Company based in Long Island, New York offers an extensive line of Precision Tactical and Sport Optical Products featuring ED and HD Binoculars, ED/APO Spotting Scopes, ED/APO Digiscopes, Military Binocular Laser Range Finders , Riflescopes, Monoculars , Tripods and Accessories. SNYPEX Optical Products are designed using the latest technology, utilizing the finest components available to achieve the clearest and brightest images possible. All our lenses are incorporated into shock-insulated, Dustproof, waterproof and fogproof builds to endure heavy use, severe temperature extremes, and ensure many years of outstanding service. These powerful instruments are ideal for all outdoor activities from Birdwatching, Concert, Safari, Racing, Biking, Hiking, Camping, to Hunting,in virtually any environment. Our commitment is to our customers' absolute satisfaction, and to building the best optics for the shooting sports, general and wildlife observation, marine markets, and military and law enforcement agencies.