October 25, 2016

SNYPEX KNIGHT Laser Rangefinder Binoculars LRF 8X42 Lt Blaine Hall & Sgt Ted Valerio

The SNYPEX LRF1800 8X42 Laser Rangefinder Binocular combines a precision high quality 8 X 42 Binocular with precision laser distance measurement technology to provide sharp and clear target acquisition with reliable distance measurement from 16.4 feet to 1.12 miles, a perfect solution and vital tool for border patrol, law enforcement, SWAT, security, surveillance, military applications and avid hunters for viewing targets from a safe distance! Outstanding design and optics, and advanced precision low beam divergence laser measuring technology now team up to outperform any other product in its class and price range between $799 and $999.

SNYPEX Knight 8x42 LRF-1800 Military & Tactical Laser Rangefinder Binoculars

SNYPEX’s Knight LRF Tactical products are available at the following premier dealers: Adorama, Amazon, AAM Audio Video, B&H Photo/Video, Cameta Camera, EBay, photo4less,17th Street Photo, Optics Planet and Unbeatable Sale, In Canada at B&P.


The Knight® LRF1800 8x42 Laser Rangefinder Binocular incorporates Bak-4, phase coated roof prisms that are 100% fully green multi-coated on four sides, and fully multi-coated HD optics with phase correction coatings. In addition to outstanding low Light performance and a wide depth of field and wide field of view, the Knight LRF1800 is nitrogen filled, and O-ring sealed to prevent intrusion of moisture, dust and debris, rendering it both fog proof and water proof and able to withstand harsh weather conditions. A rugged desert tan rubber armor wrapped over a magnesium/aluminum alloy body insures a secure grip, and extreme shock resistance.

The Knight1800 8x42 LRF's built-in laser rangefinder utilizes eye-safe Class 1 technology. The digital display is superimposed over the image seen in the unit's right half. Operation is quick and easy. Just center the target display on the target while touching and releasing the "RANGING" button located on top right side of the binocular. The digital display will instantly provide an accurate distance in either yards or meters with an accuracy of +/- 1 m at 1800 m. Holding the ranging button activates the unit's scan mode for measuring small or moving targets. The scan mode switches off automatically after 15 seconds to conserve battery life. A single, easily accessible 3-volt CR2 battery powers the unit.

“The Knight LRF1800 8X42 Binocular provides a clear, precise readout of target ranges up to 1.12 Miles (~1802 Meters) coupled with the benefits of a high definition roof prism optical system, a perfect combination for tactical situations that demand great optics and especially for snipers and surveillance officers” state Sam Shaheen, founder and president of Snypex, LLC.

Key Features:
◦Fully multi coated optics and BAK4 roof prisms
◦Mag /Aluminum alloy chassis
◦Rugged rubber-armored body insures extreme shock resistance and a secure grip
◦Fully O-ring sealed to prevent intrusion of moisture, dust and debris to withstand harsh weather conditions
◦Laser Rangefinder Range: 5-1800m. (16.4 feet to 1.12 miles)
◦Range Measurement Accuracy of +/- 1M at 1800m
◦Rain Mode - for measuring target distance beyond 60m in rainy conditions
◦Reflective Mode - for measuring distance in thin-fog and heavy steam conditions
◦>150m Mode - for accurate target distance measurements beyond 150m with interfering objects like electrical wires, tree branches, etc. in the field of view
◦Continuous ranging of moving targets or when switching among multiple targets
◦Accurate distance measurement even through reflective barriers such as glass
◦Semi-Conductor Laser Measurement Technology that is harmless to eyes
◦Field of view: 122m/7°
◦Eye Relief: 16mm
◦Exit Pupil: 5mm
◦IPD: 58-76mm
◦Quality Neck Strap, Lens Cap and Soft Case Included
◦Battery: CR-2 3V
◦Size: 6.81”x5.31”x2.51”
◦Weight: 39.3 ounces
◦Warranty 3 Years

SNYPEX’s Knight LRF Tactical products are available at[SNYPEX OPTICS and the following premier dealers in the U.S: Adorama, Amazon, AAM Audio Video, B&H Photo/Video, Cameta Camera, EBay, H&B Digital, photo4less,17th Street Photo, Optics Planet and Unbeatable Sale, In Canada at B&P, in NZ at scopeuout.co.nz
Dealer/Distributor, Sales Representative Inquiries for expanded distribution worldwide are welcome. Feel free to contact us at marketing@snypex.com.

SNYPEX, LLC, a tactical and sports Optics Company based in Long Island, New York, offers an extensive line of products, including ED binoculars, ED spotting scopes, ED digiscopes, tactical, military laser range finders, and more. These powerful instruments are ideal for all outdoor activities, from birding to biking, hunting to safaris, as well as a multitude of other activities in any environment. SNYPEX has set a new standard for high-performance optics, raising the bar to a level of quality rarely achieved in the field.

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