July 14, 2016

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My Top 5 Reasons to Bird

By Kate Landsdorf

When one considers taking up a new hobby, he or she may consider the pros and cons that go along with lifestyle preferences. As I experiment with my new snypex Knight ED 8x42 Binoculars, I ponder what are my top 5 reasons to bird?

1.I Can Start Right Where I Am
I am currently taking a yoga teacher training to deepen my practice and empower myself to develop sustainable healthy habits, fully experience deep and meaningful relationship with myself and others, and access my spiritual potential. As I face physical and emotional challenges, I’ve been learning how important it is for my growth to start where I am, and grow from there. It all starts with accepting and loving myself. Birding vibes with this understanding because it is nourishing, and I can start right now with what I’ve got.

2.Room For Growth
Not only is birding easy to start right now, it also offers great depth. Birding is an intense hobby and industry with global reach. There is so much to learn. Whether I want to have a garden, teach children, or take pictures, there is an abundance of information connected to birds that can enhance these experiences.

3.Environmentally Conscious
I can kill 2 birds with one stone, so to speak. Anyone who knows me, knows how dear social justice issues are to me. As I’m out in the field interviewing people, researching communities, and observing environmental injustices, I am also able to get some birding in. When I document through various media, I can indulge multiple streams of interest.

4.Another Reason to Connect With Nature
My passions include urban agriculture and horticultural therapy, and I see birding as a natural extension of that vibe. Could you imagine an educational, rehabilitative, or prison program that involved growing healthy foods and appreciating birds? Could you imagine how that could positively impact someone’s mental and physical health? ::inner smile::

5.Global Travel
In my quest for world domination, err I mean exploration; I always have an opportunity to stretch my birding skills. Whether on a layover, in the forest, or on a hammock, birding is always at my fingertips. It can be as big as the reason I decide to jet, or a bonus that makes travel just a little more enjoyable.

What reasons did you take up birding, or any hobby for that matter?

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