American Handmade Bronze Sculpture Statue Bronco Buster By Frederic Remington Regular Size 24" Inches Tall 


SIZE: REGULAR- 24"H X 19" L X 9" W MODEL 001-932694-REGULAR SIZE. THIS "BRONCO BUSTER " BRONZE MODEL IS HANDMADE AND CAST IN THE TRADITIONAL LOST WAX CASTING PROCESS.THIS INSURES A QUALITY BRONZE SCULPTURE THAT MIGHT BE PASSES DOWN FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION. THE BRONCO BUSTER IS A GREAT AMERICAN CLASSIC.WHETHER YOU ARE PURCHASING THIS AS A GIFT OR FOR HOME/OFFICE DECOR IT IS SURE TO BE A FAVORITE. The beautiful marble base features a plate with the name of the artist and the statue engraved on it. The artist, Frederic Remington (1861-1909), was born on October 1, 1861, in Canton, New York. Remington produced around twenty different sculptures during his short-lived career. He used the Lost Wax Method for his castings, a method dated back to early Roman times. When Frederic Remington passed in December 1909, his widow left all of his art to the Remington Art Museum in Ogdensburg, New York, after she passed away years later. Manufacturer by lifetimeinterantional inc